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A weak American President, constricted by politics and prior commitments, is unable to lead his nation in a time of domestic crisis. He sits atop an ineffectual government made all the more fragile by his own shaky qualifications for the office. Although Americans everywhere might believe W. Harris Archer simply to be the weakest President in history, the truth is that Archer’s moribund leadership is not entirely due to a lack of will or ability. Instead, there is something else at work, a secret noose around his neck that threatens to tighten if he doesn’t make good on a long-held debt. The saving of the country must come second to a President saving himself from disgrace.

From the author of ‘Stamp People’, The Last Drop is a fictional account of America in the middle of an extended drought, both in water and in national leadership. The story is part wry critique of Presidential inadequacy, part political detective story, and part quiet warning for the real shortage of water facing America far sooner than most people in America realize. A looming water crisis and a fight for the last drop of available water could well be the next American Civil War. The leadership challenge might be a little harder to fix.

Author Bio

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Dan Morgan grew up in the family of a career U.S. military father which enabled him to live in a variety of cities in the U.S. and abroad. This itinerant life rewarded him with a rich education of the great expanse of cultures in America and the world, and also imbued him with a strong enjoyment of meeting people who live just a little off the beaten path of society. Throughout his books and short stories, the element of travel and meeting unique people is a recurring theme.

Dan is an avid fan of the canyons and deserts of the Western U.S., and is dedicated to preserving those public lands for public enjoyment. He currently resides in Seattle, WA.

The Last Drop

By Dan Morgan


Category: Fiction
Title: The Last Drop
Author: Dan Morgan
Format: eBook (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 144
Price: $5.99
ISBN: 978-1-5323-5423-6